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Pool Equipment


53Clean & Clear Plus Filter

Clean & Clear Plus Filter

The easiest filter that gives you the clearest, most sparkling water. Even the tiniest impurities are no match for the Clean & Clear Plus.

52ClearPro Sand Filter

ClearPro Sand Filter

60% greater water clarity than traditional sand filters. Simple to operate and a breeze to maintain.

51Fiberglass D.E. Filter

Fiberglass D.E. Filter

Designed to maximize filtration area. Crystal clear water, convenience, and durability. An easy choice for filtering your pool.


56Nirvana Heat Pump

Nirvana Heat Pump

The easiest heater to control yet. Wi-Fi enabled with a user-friendly control panel. Universal and extremely quiet.

55High-Efficiency Pool & Spa  Heater

High-Efficiency Pool & Spa Heater

Out with the cold, in with a better, more efficient heater. Save up to 14% on energy costs.

54MasterTemp Heater

MasterTemp Heater

The MasterTemp heater gets your pool water to the perfect temperature so quickly. You won’t have to wait to enjoy your pool.


58Microbrite LED Light

Microbrite LED Light

These small lights pack an enormous punch giving you 10X the light of an incandescent bulb. They make your pool look spectacular while saving you money. For nighttime pool possibilities you never even dreamed of, go with Microbrite.

57Intellibrite 5G LED Lights

Intellibrite 5G LED Lights

These underwater color-changing lights will give your pool the same luxury you get at the most pristine resorts.


61IntelliFlo Pump

IntelliFlo Pump

Set your pump to auto-pilot with 8 programmable speeds and flow settings. Its durable design and easy-to-use menus make this pump an excellent choice for any pool owner.

60SuperFlo TradeGrade Pump

SuperFlo TradeGrade Pump

With its one-of-a-kind motor system, efficiency, and reduced operating costs, along with a new design for easy inspection and cleaning, you’re guaranteed a long, worry-free pump life.

59SuperFlo VST Pump

SuperFlo VST Pump

The VST pump cuts energy use by up to 80% while being known as one of the most reliable pumps on the market. It is the choice for any pool owner who wants the most out of their pool.

Water Sanitizers

63BioShield Sterilizer

BioShield Sterilizer

Complete the 1-2 punch by adding the BioShield to the salt system. It kills harmful bacteria and uses less energy than your typical water sanitizer.

62Salt Chlorine Generator

Salt Chlorine Generator

For healthier, clearer pool water. Put ordinary table salt in, and you get chlorine. It’s that simple. Ditch the classic chlorine smell, stinging eyes, and irritated skin, and benefit from the easiest and most effective way to keep your pool sparkling.


64EasyTouch Control System

EasyTouch Control System

Full control and automation of all your pool and spa’s systems, including

  • Variable speed
  • Variable flow
  • Pumps
  • Pool and landscape lighting
  • Waterfalls
  • Fountains
  • Heaters
  • more

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